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Access to a comprehensive knowledge society and transform the Red Sea State into a region that is productive, used and exported to the region's advanced communication and information technology

State Information Center

and it is one of the Departments of the Government Secretariat, and it is the headquarters of the Center in the Secretariat building, it has been parted in ministries, municipalities and government units, the Information Center works in coordination with the National Information Center in the implementation of its development programs and plans in electronic government plans and programs. The Center has a law approved in 2006 by the Council of Government, and the Legislative Council. The State is one of the first States to have established an Information Center law

Speech of the manager

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and peace and blessings be upon Ashraf

, the messengers of our master Muhammad peace be upon him, Oh God, we know what benefit us and taught us what taught us,

the center is supervising at all technology work in state in governmental units and coordinating with special sector, police, universities in the state

The information center of various types is a major purchase in the implementation of e-government programs in the state programs in the state,

The information center has sub – center in ministries, localities and governmental units, the center is introducing clear plan through year with strategic plan for state

The information center of various types is a major purchase in the implementation of e-government programs in the state programs in the state, and it considered from two complete roles to promote by state in different fields finally, the center is opening e- government with contributing all society in state

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Field of training

ESCWA region

Training 4 cadres in the field of ESCWA at the National Information Center

Domain Networks

Training 8cadres in networking


Training of 9 cadres in page design and database programming

Management of servers

A total of 9 cadres were trained in the use and management of the servers

Computer Basics

Training of 140 staff from the Ministry of Finance (Accounting Bureau) on computer basics and advanced courses


Training of a number of constitutionalists in the field of ESCWA

Ministry of Finance

40 staff from the Ministry of Finance were trained on the program Microsoft Office Exel

National Service

Train 30 national service personnel on programs and networks and distribute them to ministries and municipalities

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Find Specialties


Computer engineering


Communication engineering


Information Technology


Compuer and Statistic

General objectives

Reducing the digital divide and access to completing knowledgeable society

Promoting the useful of information and telecommunication technology

Construction electronic governmental and exchange to intelligent government

Training and rehabilitation the cadres that work in the field

Development and rehabilitation the information center in ministries and localities

Development the digital content

It is issued decisions and guidance for ministries and localities by creating necessity of information center and that to configure to implementing the program of electronic government

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